Lily Allen shares topless dance video of herself on Instagram wearing nothing but a huge pair of Spanx

She got married and became a mother during her self-imposed hiatus from the music industry but Lily Allen has made it clear that she isn't taming her behaviour on her return to the spotlight. The 29-year-old singer shared an Instagram video on Tuesday showing her topless and dancing along to Drake's Started From The Bottom.

Still Intimidated By Beautiful Women?

When it comes to girls, looks are everything. Society teaches us that truly beautiful women are rare and valuable. Since most guys don't think of themselves as equally valuable, gorgeous girls intimidate them. Crazy, right? A few days ago, I met a girl. She's taller than me; absolutely gorgeous; dances professionally and has the body for it. But I just got off the phone with her, and guess what? Our conversation was kinda boring; I doubt we'll meet again.

Kate Middleton Upskirt

Oups! Oups! Oups! La duchesse de Cambridge doit être gênée en ce moment! Pauvre elle, Kate Middleton a été victime, si on peut appeler ça comme ça, d'un vilain coup de vent qui s'en est pris à son dessous de robe, et qui a, par le fait même, dévoilé les foufounes de la princesse.

You Can See Kristen Stewart’s Butt in This Trailer

Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress. Her delivery is terrible and she emotes as if she’s holding in a fart. So there’s really no reason you should watch this trailer for Cloud of Sils Maria unless you’re a big fan of Juliette Binoche or Chloe Moretz or of Kristen Stewart’s ass in a thong.

Selena Gomez Bikini Pics

Collection of a few Selena Gomez bikini pictures, if someone there that likes her.


Collection of 3D GIFs Created With A Simple Trick


Clocks and watches are always considered one of the best pieces of human engineering in the past. These 17 creative watches are really are taking it to the next level..

The Most Hypnotic Video Ever

Watch as the young man spins and manipulates two black and white colored s-staffs to create an optical illusion known as the “visual kaleidoscope”. And what a “kaleidoscope” is this! An almost surreal sight of hypnotic black and white images playing with your eyes!

New 'Call of Duty' boasts 'game changer' tech features

This year's 'Call of Duty' game is outfitted with futuristic technology and new-world geopolitics. The developers at Sledgehammer Games are looking toward the future, too. Recent Call of Duty games have been set a few years in the future, but Advanced Warfare transports players four decades ahead — to 2054 — and a time where you will believe a soldier can fly.

30 Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

The introduction of the Facebook Timeline has created a lot of controversy, but it also resulted in lots of creative timeline covers.